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It’s no mystery why people go to Castle Ridge Cleaners to keep their clothes looking great. All of our dry cleaning and laundry is done on-site to ensure all your items are cleaned with care and precision every step of the way. Our environmentally friendly cleaning process is gentle on fibers and keeps your wardrobe looking its best. Our detergents are strong enough to beat the toughest stains yet sophisticated enough to protect the most sensitive of fibers. You can trust us with anything from formal wear to casual wear and household items.

Dry Cleaning

We are proud to be a professional wet cleaner. Our specialized wet cleaning and finishing equipment is designed to preserve the color, size, look, and feel of your garments. We use a mixture of water and biodegradable non-toxic detergents and finishing agents to clean cashmere sweaters, down duvets, silk blouses, wool suits and everything in between. Wet cleaning has many advantages such as keeping your whites bright, and your clothes smelling like new. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the advantages of wet cleaning.

Wet Cleaning

Our shirt laundering service will really impress you. Here is a list of a few things we do differently at Castle Ridge Cleaners:

  • We use an enzyme-activated detergent which prolong the life of the shirt, preserve colors, and keeps whites looking sharp.

  • Collars and cuffs are pre-conditioned to fight extra stubborn stains.

  • Every shirt is hand inspected and any imperfections are addresses by hand.

  • Collar supports are included on each shirt to preserve a neat appearance.

  • All garments are inspected for missing or broken buttons; buttons will be replaced at no extra charge.

  • Linens, men’s formal wear and other delicate items are hand pressed to prevent shine, preserve their intended look, and ensure every detail is up to our high standards.


Too big, too small, too tight, too long, too short? Let us handle it:

Whether it’s a repair you need or just a slight adjustment, you won’t find a better fit than our experienced seamstress. We know clothing, and appreciate quality workmanship as much as you do. Our professional skills and techniques make it right for you every time. We can adjust pants, dresses, skirts, shirts, jackets, jeans & more!

Alteration and Tailoring

Leather needs to be cleaned in an oil based solvent at least once a year to avoid cracking and restore a smooth, soft luster. We send all leather (including handbags), suede and fur items to an outside leather specialist. We have tremendous confidence in these professionals because they meet the highest standards in the industry and are accomplished artists that can correct most problems that can occur with leather and suede.

Suede/Leather Cleaning

Nothing feels better than falling into a soft, clean bed at the end of a long day. We can help ensure your bedding is clean and luxurious and any down comforters, blankets or pillows you have are soft and inviting. Allow us to take care of all of your bedding and comforter cleaning needs, delicate or tough, so you can enjoy a night of comfortable rest. We also handle drapes, curtains, table cloths and towels.

Wedding Gowns

Your wedding gown is a thing of beauty and you want it to last a lifetime. Preserving its delicate features requires expertise. We will handle your wedding gown with the utmost care, while paying attention to every detail before preserving it in a special acid-free box, keeping your memories safe for years to come. Haven’t had your big day yet? We can prep your dress to make it shine as beautifully as you do on your wedding day.

Shoe Repair

From stains to stitching, sole repair to heel replacements and whatever your shoes require. Castle Ridge is your one stop shop for all your shoe repair needs.

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